Sunday, February 20, 2011

Autumn Sunshine

I found this now that our brief winter sunshine has left and was reminded once again!

Told to TLC Niels


I love the autumn days, especially those filled with sunshine. Today I felt compelled to meet God at the hammock on this beautiful day. As I lay down, I realized only the tips of my toes were touched by the sun, the rest of me in shade. A little chilly for that, I thought. God asked me if I was content to lay there in partial shade. Of course not, I answered but I was recovering from the flu and didn’t move. God persisted asking why I wasn’t content and I responded that I wanted the full warmth of the sun. I could sense a smile and realized the spiritual impact of what I said. I was there for Him and the sunshine and I wasn’t content without either.

After getting up and wearily pushing the hammock completely out of the shade, I soaked in the warm rays. It was hard even in the dim autumn light to keep my face completely turned towards the sun and I kept having to turn my head. And I wondered, will I have the ability to face His Son fully in heaven, the full glory of Christ before me? By avoiding the shade and seeking Him daily, perhaps I have a chance…