Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Temporarily Unavailable


In a joking conversation with my better half, it came up that my spouse was “temporarily unavailable.” We laughed about it but God brought up the conversation later during my devotional time.  He simply asked me how often I became temporarily unavailable- to those around me, to my church, to work, to my family and closest friends?  It was just at work that I could answer I was completely available. Why? Because that’s my job.
God didn’t have to point out that I had my priorities mixed up. I knew that the moment answered Him.  I wanted to give more reasons to explain my response– our society, time, expectations... Yet I focused on why He asked. 
Just think, God is THE ONLY ONE permanently available.  
To me that was the most important point of His question. I still stop and find myself awestruck at His availability – any time, any where. The question was asked so I would understand His essence and choose whether or not to become like Him in this.  People are His priority!

So if He asked you this question – how often do you become temporarily unavailable- how would you respond? What areas are you best at being completely available?