Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Being Transplanted


It’s been awhile since I last recorded the things God is teaching me, especially while we seek a church home. We are almost at the 6 month mark with no definitive answer over where God would have us find community. Of course, with two parents in and out of the hospital as well as some major health concerns of our own, I’m not sure we would have noticed the answer even if it was written overhead in the sky. I know I haven’t been looking up enough, figuratively speaking. Hanging on would be a better analogy.

But our parents are better, my spouse will soon see the doctor and I have graduated from two of my three physical therapy assignments – finally! I have also started gardening again, necessary with all the weeds that have sprung up during my time of PT and all the exercises that go with it. As I have transplanted the daylilies and found room for the vegetable plants started from seed by my children and grandkids, God pointed out that He is in the process of transplanting us – digging deeply and carefully around our roots in order to make it easier to pop us out of our normal surroundings. As I look at the daylilies I’ve dug up and put in a temporary container, I notice their droopiness and acknowledge my own, thirsty and out of my element in so many ways.