Friday, June 7, 2013

View from the Hammock

My family shoo-ed me away from yard work and into the hammock in order to give me that hard to find time for writing. They know I always find an X, Y and Z to do before I can write. Yes I did turn over laundry and assist my spouse with transplanting a sapling before stretching out in compliance. So this is my "Z" writing about writing.

Tomorrow I head off to a writers conference so today's task is the book proposal. Now, I have a good one-sheet but I hadn't realized that books needed their own resumes, a long resume of 10-20 pages filled with details such as markets, comparable books and the author's innovative promotional strategies.
As I stare at the cloudless sky, the blooming wildflowers (and weeds) and see the yard work ahead of me, I sense God's hand on me, forcing me to the hammock for rest.

Yes, rest. I must rest in Him, relying on His direction in this half-written book that has some possibility. My place is in the hammock, away from the busyness of my life for a time. A daily time now that the hammock lives in my yard again. God seems to want to use this book on parenting and I must step aside from my life and let Him do the leading and deciding. I can assist by getting away from my email, work to-do's and home repair (currently a hole in the floor underneath the stairs) and obey His leading to pray and praise and then write. Even if it's just writing about trying to write.

Okay, Lord. I'm in the hammock. May Your will be done, here as it is in heaven.

PS What about you? How and where do you make time for God?