Monday, April 29, 2013

PBG - Planned By God

God’s timing still seems to amaze me! This weekend brought a spell of vertigo, a visit with the grandchildren and an ER trip for my youngest in the midst of all the college planning. Then the five books came today in the mail– my payment for being a contributor to the newly released I Believe in Healing by Cecil Murphey and Twila Belk. I am amazed that God times these things perfectly and humbled to be a participant in His work. How is God’s timing in your life? Please share a scripture or time where God was so evident in your life!

TLC Nielsen

The oldest grandchild minus one tooth!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Starting Anew with You - Spring 2013

As I've prayed over what this blog should be and where God would have it, I discovered I should start anew. With Easter and spring finally here and my "next" 50 years in progress, I need to start fresh and create a safe dialogue on topics God brings before us - together! So here's a snippet I wrote in my first half century of life and I'm hopeful you'll comment on it and the conversation will start! I'll try to get a new one up weekly so we can keep learning from one another.

At Home in His Heart 2010
I need to write this down before I forget but it's a feeling more than a concept. Here goes - while singing during the music worship time at church this first week of the year, a phrase struck me: "make my heart your home." The reality, however, is that I need to make HIS heart MY home. How at home am I really in His heart? How much of His love pours out through my life? Why do I feel more like a guest than a resident with Christ? 

How do you answer these questions?