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Extraordinary Touch -Reflexology by Melanie

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I met Melanie Delfiner through Lona Dinnell, October 2015’s extraordinary life story. Lona and Melanie worked together for years, Lona as a Reike Master and Melanie as a Master Reflexologist.  How they both came to work together in complementary health specialties is a wonderful journey. I've experienced the extraordinary touch of Melanie, a down to earth lady with the gift of healing. By using the pressure points on hands, feet and ears, she has the ability to sense the health issues individuals have and help them.

Q) Melanie, how did your path into reflexology begin? I’ve always wondered.
A) In 2005, a fellow parent from my son’s school introduced me to alternative therapies, including relaxing massage and reflexology.

Q) What drew you to study it?
A) In 2006, I was so fascinated with the results reflexology offered individuals, I was motivated to take an online course. In 2007, Illinois’ requirement mandated 200 hours of training for reflexolo-gists. I enrolled in the Healthy Soles School of Reflexology to attain more formal training, graduating in August 2008. Shortly after graduation my mentor, Susan Watson, encouraged me to open my own business. Reflexology by Melanie was established March 2009.

Q) When did the idea of joining Reflexogy and Reike back to back for treatment purposes occur to you?
A) I met Lona Dinnell at a Curves wellness gathering. Lona wanted to exchange a REIKI session for a Reflexology session. She became my client in January 2010. I enjoyed the REIKI so much that soon after I asked her to join my practice.

Q) When Blu Rain opened in the same town, why did you partner with them, adding Reflexology and Reike to their health offerings?
A) My business was located in the Heritage Professional Building on Main Street in Antioch. A client gave me a gift certificate to Blu Rain, on Lake Street, a short distance from my office. Sheila Loos, owner of Blu Rain, asked to exchange services. She was so impressed with the results of my reflexology sessions that she referred her clients to me, and I referred my clients to her. Clients were always wondering why we were not co-located.

When the current location of Blu Rain on Main Street became available, Sheila asked me if I would be willing to rent from her and become part of Blu Rain. I said yes and the rest is history. We opened our new business in May 2014. 

Melanie's Room at Blu Rain Massage

Q) I’ve found a lot of release from chronic pain through  your reflexology. Why are the effects of reflexology longer lasting than acupuncture for me?
A) Both modalities are beneficial. Individual perceptions of the effects of the two modalities vary. Whether the effects of one modality last longer than the other is not an evidence-based measurement. That said, a reasonable explanation for an individual’s perception that the effects of reflexology may be prolonged might be that a reflexology treatment is more ‘intense’ than an acupuncture treatment. By that I mean that the area covered per reflexology point is greater than the fine point of an acupuncture needle. There may be more neural endpoints in the area covered by a reflexologist’s finger than in the area affected by an acupuncturist’s needle. Additionally, the pressure applied by the reflexologist’s finger is greater than that generated by the acupuncturist’s needle.

Here's Melanie's contact information:
Email:   reflexmel40 at aol (dot) com 
Blu Rain Massage:

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