Saturday, April 6, 2013

Starting Anew with You - Spring 2013

As I've prayed over what this blog should be and where God would have it, I discovered I should start anew. With Easter and spring finally here and my "next" 50 years in progress, I need to start fresh and create a safe dialogue on topics God brings before us - together! So here's a snippet I wrote in my first half century of life and I'm hopeful you'll comment on it and the conversation will start! I'll try to get a new one up weekly so we can keep learning from one another.

At Home in His Heart 2010
I need to write this down before I forget but it's a feeling more than a concept. Here goes - while singing during the music worship time at church this first week of the year, a phrase struck me: "make my heart your home." The reality, however, is that I need to make HIS heart MY home. How at home am I really in His heart? How much of His love pours out through my life? Why do I feel more like a guest than a resident with Christ? 

How do you answer these questions?


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