Monday, August 30, 2010

This Old House

told to TLC by God 8-30-10

I live in an old house - so old we don't know when the house was built on the property! But it's a unique house, one of the older ones in town and we've added our own touches to it these past couple decades. Now, old age has really set into our home, with us replacing - well - pretty much everything. I realize once again that God has used this in my life to teach me about my old heart. When God moved into my heart almost 25 years ago, sin had already set in and He had lots of work to do - replacing many things with Godly insight and love. As I look at my heart and my house and see all that's left to do to "fix them up" I get incredibly discouraged. Yet God, the Master Builder, ever assures me how much it's worth it - for both.

*Note: the current home project involves replacing the crumbling bricks in the foundation*

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  1. and with replacing or fixing the bricks...i know you have mended the bricks a few times before but sometimes you need to completely redo them, not just mend the broken parts, but rebuild the whole thing. God does that in our hearts as well; we may patch a few areas here and there but God requires a complete overhaul sometimes. Praise be to God!