Friday, September 20, 2013

Misty Days

Sept. 20, 2013

I was driving early one morning. The cool air had mixed with the warm earth, creating a mist very thick and heavy. I saw just a few car lengths in front of me and only a headlight or two behind.  Little traffic littered the road and I felt the isolation and quiet of the foggy morning seep inside my soul. God spoke into that stillness, reminding me that I live my life in this way: seeing only the immediate circumstances I’m experiencing and nothing much else.

I arrived at my destination at peace, God having spoken to me of the future He had in store.  During the church service, I heard God’s Word in the message and sang His praises during the music worship time. The isolation and quiet I experienced during the drive was replaced with the companionship of Christ and my fellow believers.  Yet the stillness remained. I remind myself that I can hear God best when I focus on Him in the midst of my busy, traffic-filled life and try to listen. And when I feel alone and isolated in the fog of my circumstances, I will find He stays with me each step of the way.

Are you in chaotic or foggy circumstances right now? What is God saying to you through it all? Please share too!



  1. Good to meet you at the Christ Together meeting at The Chapel in Barrington. Very interesting story of healing you wrote for the "I Believe in Healing " book.

    You can download my book "Aliens, Armageddon and the End Times" from Amazon for FREE Thanksgiving weekend. Shalom, Andy Ferrier

  2. Thanks, Andy- it was great sitting with you at lunch! I'd love your perspective on the rest of the book, too, if you have time. Have you heard about the soon to be famous efforts by Illinois libraries to help a self-published author become well known? I'm not sure of all the details but I'm trying to spread the news since I work at a local library.