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Extra Ordinary Music by TLC Nielsen

I met Becky Capelli decades ago when she was a teenager working at Drakes Office Supply. Years later, I bumped into her at a local church where she was leading the choir, and she introduced me to her spouse and their two children. It’s been a privilege to see her children blossom in music as they’ve grown up, too, and to see Becky become successful as the owner of Songbird Studio Inc. Becky’s extraordinary adventure in spreading the love of music to those around her makes her life more than ordinary.

Welcome, Becky!

Q) How did your music studio come into existence?
A) I had co-owned a music studio several years ago for about six years when my kids were babies. Once they hit school age, I had to put private music instruction to rest and get a "day job" until they were much older. I was at that particular job for about 10 years. But music, especially sharing music, is my passion so, as soon as I felt the timing was good for my family, I re-entered private music instruction by opening Songbird Studio Inc. four years ago.

Songbird Studio in Grayslake, Illinois

Q) That was a long journey! So when did your love of music actually begin?
A) I was very young. I cannot recall a time when music was not a love of mine. It is how God wired me up! I started piano lessons when I was 5 years old. Mr. Luder was my piano teacher. Our family didn't own a piano so he would meet me at our church and teach me on the church piano. My parents were later able to purchase a piano... rent to own. I guess they figured I was serious enough about it to make that investment. I think they were right! I still, to this day, use that same piano in my own home.

Mr. Luder also taught voice lessons which I began at age 10. But even beyond lessons, I was always listening, learning, and playing music any chance I could. I always say music was and still is my "thing" - it's what I was wired to do. For some it may be sports or theater or scholastics, but for me it has always been music.

Q) Who influenced you the most musically?
A) Three come to mind: my parents and Mr. Luder. I was fortunate to have the same private music teacher from the time I was 5 years old up until I went to college. He had a huge influence on me, opening up so many genres and styles of music as well as allowing me to explore my strengths and weaknesses. He taught me that learning and making music is hard work and takes discipline, but it is so rewarding and most definitely meant to be enjoyed.

My parents never missed an opportunity to allow me to use my talents, and they continually encouraged and reminded me that we each have talents which are meant to be shared. They understood and encouraged my passion for music. Some of my earliest memories of singing are with my dad. I believe this is why I am so connected to the idea of private music teaching. I had such an awesome and positive experience having Mr. Luder in my life, as well as supportive parents - a combination that is so valuable when taking music lessons.

Q) What other factors kept you involved in music through the years?
A) Most definitely the church and school. I grew up singing in church and, as an adult, I was actively involved in singing on the worship team. During my school years I participated in choir and band (percussion). 

Currently, as a music teacher and mom, I am less and less active in performing. I have found great satisfaction and joy in teaching, encouraging others to use their talents in whatever capacity they can in their lives. It's fabulous!

Becky Cappelli

Q) Where did you think your music would take you?
A) Oh my! When I was young I had my sights on performing... traveling the world and singing! But I am SO grateful that is not what I ended up doing in the long run. I think God knew I wasn't cut out for that. Instead, I can build into others who may (or may not) have those dream. I believe I am exactly where I'm suppose to be doing what I am should be doing.

Q) Did you ever consider careers outside of music? If not music , then...
A) I have not. I have only entertained other jobs/opportunities that would allow me the freedom to still do music but not a career... just a paycheck.

Q) What pivot point catapulted your life in a different, unexpected direction?
A) Probably my kids. But in such a beautiful way! As a mom (a working mom), my decisions in what and how I could provide for our family and whether or not music was a means to do so greatly revolved around my kids and my availability to them in their stages of growing up. Music had to take a backseat for a lot of years. It was always a part of our lives but not a means in which to have a career. It taught me patience and trust in God's timing. Yes, music is my passion but people, especially my people (my family) are most important. God always has a plan and He is always good.

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