Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Travel Time


I’m finally writing this down despite God’s repeated reminders to take dictation.

I spent the weekend traveling around with my youngest, who’s learning to drive. We’ve gotten to the point where my helpful pointers are no longer desired and I am expected to sit quietly in the passenger side, without any flinching or noises. I value this time together anyway, especially now that the license date draws nearer. At that point, I’m not only kicked out of the driver’s seat but out of the vehicle as well. I love this time together, though, and I really like having my own car!

It dawns on me why I’ve been instructed to write on this. I am guilty of driving my own life without letting You, Lord, even into the passenger seat! My self-centeredness astonishes me and I’m determined to do something about this: I’m getting out of the driver’s side of my life and handing You the keys – again. While in the passenger seat, I’ll try not to flinch and just enjoy being with You!

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