Friday, October 1, 2010

Homecoming 2010

October1st 2010

It’s Homecoming Week for my family and it’s been a pretty busy month overall: family wedding, new grandbaby, 50th anniversary for our folks and now Homecoming. I had the privilege of delivering a meal to another family from church this week too and enjoyed actually being home for a couple hours, baking and cooking. I was looking forward to a brief visit while dropping off the food, hoping God might do something but it didn’t happen. Thankfully I had put in a card with our prayers for them and our contact info, just in case. But it saddened me – whether because I felt too shy to barge in briefly or intimidated by their nice home in a new neighborhood or both. It’s very rare that I drop off a meal to someone in house that’s like mine – really old with lots of work put into it. God reminded me that I could entrust Him with their circumstance and mine, and that He had it all covered. Besides, the gift of warm, homemade cinnamon bread was just right for that moment in time for both of us. And I find myself content in His warm love once again.

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