Thursday, March 3, 2011

Houseplant Commitment


During my covenant study time with the Kay Arthur workbook, I felt that I almost grasped what covenant meant. The covenant in the Old Testament was set up with a sacrifice, with both parties walking between the two pieces of flesh. The commitment to the covenant was such that the breaking of it meant death, symbolized by the sacrifice - a life sacrificed to keep it, death to break it. We see God dealing with the breaking of the covenant in the Old Testament. With Jesus Christ, His Son, we see the new covenant where Christ willingly becomes the sacrifice for us to be in covenant with God the Father. Our baptism into Christ's life starts our end of the covenant.

This is going to sound out there, but to me this covenant is like a houseplant. My actions determine whether it lives or dies even insomuch that inaction creates a choice. Every day, do I choose God, honoring His Son without whom I would perish? Do I examine myself and ask forgiveness so that I may avoid God's wrath ? Do I choose obedience to my Lord and Savior, choosing life rather death? Do I fully understand the conditions that breaking covenant would mean? I'm just beginning to understand...

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