Saturday, March 19, 2011



I have struggled with feeling worthy often, part and parcel of a hard life in a sinful world. As a Christian these past 25 years, I still struggle with it. Yet in this study of covenant – God’s forever relationship with me – I’m finding hope for my hopelessness.

Every Biblical covenant involves blood and sacrifice (the cutting of flesh) from Adam to Abraham up until Christ. In Christ, He was the final sacrifice, giving His blood and having His body broken for us.

But we in the church are called the Body of Christ, observing His sacrifice through Communion. But we’re considered part of His body? I have not been able to wrap my mind around this. But during my time at the piano, worshipping Him in song, God clarified it. I hope I can do justice in explaining it.

Christ conquered death through obedience to His Father so that we would not taste death. His Father raised Him and seated Him at His right hand and sent His Spirit to us, effectively making us the other half of His body, left here on earth to continue the rescue. In Old Testamenttimes, it was the animal's body that was cut in two and the two parties passed through those pieces as a sign of covenant. It is His Spirit that involves us in the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In heaven, we will be fully united to Him and all will have been rescued!


To read more about covenant:

Adam & Eve: Genesis 3

Noah: Genesis 6-9

Abraham: Genesis 15-17

Moses: Exodus 24

Jesus: Matthew 26

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