Monday, April 11, 2011



I was shocked, plain out horrified. Almost too surprised to string coherent thoughts and sentences together. With the shock came sorrow and tears, burning anger too. The emotions startled me, the rawness of the shock. It took me many days to be able to put words to it all, to be honest in the intensity of it. I finally started taking it to God, offering up the people and the situation. It was nothing I could control but I knew Christ was willing to make something with it (He’s quite good at that.)

At church, during music worship, God was gracious to connect some dots. I had learned that offering unconditional love in such circumstances was something God desired from me. What I didn’t know is that sin shocks Him. Whether it be my unloving attitude or harboring sin in my heart, it shocks Him! His righteousness is His essence, which is why He sent Christ into an unrighteous world. I'm reading through the book of Hebrews and it's filled with the call to righteousness, so that we may show Him how much we love Him as we choose to be like Him. It is a process and He lends us the strength to continue the journey of love and righteousness.

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