Tuesday, February 7, 2012

God's PT

Feb. 2012
I'm finally seeing some kind of progress in my physical therapy (PT) these past 2 weeks. Small but encouraging signs that allow me to add new exercises where, hopefully, more progress can be made. I've been trying very hard to suck it up and not feel sorry for myself. I am blessed to even have a physical therapist who spends time with me figuring out what's wrong and pinpointing the muscles that need strengthening.

Interestingly enough, God spoke to me through the pain - encouraging me to see what He needed me to see. He is my ST and sees the weaknesses in my spiritual muscles. He has arranged a whole timeline of interactions and exercises to build me up so that the interconnectedness of my whole life, physical and spiritual, can work together well. Then one day, I will be past the pain - if I choose to follow His plan, including the daily exercises in store for me. I long for the day without pain and without sin, when I can be whole again and wholly His.

Excuse me while I go finish my exercises...

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