Thursday, November 18, 2010

Four Generations

November 2010
I went to my grandson's infant baptism not too long ago. We were in charge of bringing the main dish, a lot of it. We were carpooling as well so I rushed around getting all the details together since our wonderfully musical family was in the midst of the holiday concert season. It wasn't until I finally arrived at this new little church and stopped to sit in the pew that God finally caught my attention. It wasn't the food, the decorations or even our being there that God pointed out to me. It was the fact that this was the start of a fourth generation who would love Him.

I had been feeling pretty inadequate recently. For God to clasp me on the shoulder while in that pew and whisper how much He had used my love for Him to reach into my children's lives and into their children's hearts was unexpected to say the least. But this has never been about me, I thought to myself. "No," He answered. "It's about us." I worshipped God during that church service, humbled and filled with joy at being a part of our first grandson's baptism. I looked in awe as our whole family (minus only my one brother's family) was witness to God's graciousness!

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