Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why the Nativity? An Advent


So for the month of December, I’ve been led (arm twisted in these busy times, actually) to do a daily advent devotional based on David Jeremiah’s book Why the Nativity? He asks 25 questions that lead to the full answer. Since I’m running behind a bit, here’s the first 2 questions and a quick synopsis with scripture. If you can, buy the book and read it to your loved ones because it’s amazing to see God’s workings. I received this book free (my first free book!) as one of the giveaways at and have been savoring it ever since. Wanna join me? Please leave comments along the way!

Day One – Why the prophecies?

There are more than 300 Old Testament prophecies predicting a coming champion. “Every page, from Genesis to Malachi, seems to tremble with the wondrous anticipation of his coming. The books were written by many different writers, at various times over many centuries.” (p. 2) All but a few prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus Christ and those few remaining are for the days ahead. Look up these pairs of scripture to see God at work to send us one last king: Isaiah 9:7 and Luke 1:32-33, Isaiah 53:12 and Matthew 27:38, Zechariah 6:13 and Hebrews 7:24-25 (p.5)

Day Two – Why did God become man?

Even though God created man, a gulf developed between them: “God’s children chose disobedience and fled in shame from his presence. Another name for the disobedience was sin, and it became an insurmountable barrier between the Creator and his creatures.” (p. 8) That gulf and the resulting sense of loss can be seen throughout history. The prophets and teachers were sent to bridge that gap until He would solve it once and for all – by leaving heaven to walk among us and to do so fully human! Read the New Testatment book of John out loud to catch the full impact.

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