Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve


As we ring out the old year, I’m relieved that a new one is about to begin. Less waiting, perhaps? Definitely more possibilities ahead. It’s been a little crazy recently, being in concert season since November and throwing in a lot of medical just for fun! This year I’ve loved the family time of our grandson’s birth and baptism, my youngest brother’s wedding and the three of us serving together musically at church Christmas Eve. But I've been scared too, flying to see my folks after Dad’s first heart attack and later handling my youngest child’s ER and Dr. visits. I’m really tired walking into this New Year -exhausted really, but hopeful. I love the comment from comic strip character Maxine: “If you woke up breathing - congratulations! You have another chance.” By waking up tomorrow, I start the New Year well. Next year, I say today, I will deal with the negative energy people in my life because I do care and purposely choose a positive response, regardless. Tomorrow, I will thank my God for a year without negativity- so far so good. This new year will hold answers and hopes that 2010 did not yield but that instead created patience, endurance and trust in God. Yes, an exciting, hopeful, positive New Year lies ahead of me and I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for His amazing blessings this past year, His love being the best of all.

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