Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas 2010


Three of us in our family made a commitment to serve at church together this year. Of course that was made a few months ago, before the ER and now the heart monitor on our youngest. But we’re following through and desperately enjoying being involved in Christ’s birth celebration. The crisis we are in, however, keeps me quiet and off to the side since I find the fear closer to the surface than I’d like. We are serving musically together and our sick one actually complimented us tonight – that we sounded good together. Even our pastor came up and told me I was doing a good job, shocking and unexpected because I go to a rather large church.

It’s been a rough road lately and trying to focus on notes on a page while worshipping God has been a challenge. But God is gracious to us, allowing me to learn – once again - how to trust Christ in that in-between place. On the tight-rope, if you will, of life completely unsure whether or not we’ll make it to the other side, all of us. I don’t know how people handle this life without Him. It’s been 25 years together with Christ for me and He’s salvaged my marriage, saved my children, touched my grandchildren and healed me of pain. I gotta stop looking down at the pavement and keep my eyes focused on the journey ahead of me, leaning on Him for balance. I’m thankful He invites me to the manger and into His life - forever!

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