Monday, December 6, 2010

Advent Days 5 & 6


God really grabbed me with this question that came from a church message – how will this Christmas be life changing? Scrooge was the theme but the New Testament book of Revelation was the focus. The church of Ephesus did lots of good things but they had forgotten their first love for Christ and we were asked if we remembered being on fire for God and where we were at with that. As I continue looking at the Nativity and God’s amazing plan in each and every facet of it, I find myself wondering how God will continue to change me as I enter my 26th year of togetherness with Him!

Day 5 But Why Joseph?

As I ponder this, I realize how much of a background person Joseph was. David Jeremiah calls him the forgotten person in Christ’s story. But his story is the one in which I most identify because I, too, am a background person – the person not often talked about or seen but someone who is fully, though quietly, vested. God handpicked not only Mary but Joseph as well because Joseph was the one God wanted to raise His Son, teaching him the ways of scripture and God. We never do find out why Joseph goes missing by the time of the cross, some speculating he died along the way. But we see his obedience to God in continuing his relationship with Mary, leaving for Egypt at God’s request and in stepping to the side so God’s glory could shine forth through their Son, Jesus Christ. Reading Matthew 1:18-2:23 and listing Joseph’s responses to God has been very impacting.

Day 6 Why did Jesus Arrive Then?

Besides coming for Mary and Joseph, God orchestrated the time period to coincide with Roman roads, the universal Greek language, and the shipping industry (David Jeremiah lists even more.) He also intersects Simon, Saul and a few other lives that would have been missed otherwise. It leaves me marveling at all the orchestrated events in my own life. God’s plan was complete and Galatians 4 fills in the details even more.

Day 7 Why Zechariah’s Miracle Son?

Coming soon (I promise!)

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